Cacophony of Lost Footsteps

The beginning, as is often the position, was a very tentative time.

I looked out as the etiolated marl, horizon uncertain, yielded to a firmament blacker than coal.

Beyond a floating soul, safely intangible and nestled in deific enigma, the Double-Doors –

Open to ancestral enlightenment.

Whiter than chalk,

Starlight shone forth from the room in the sky.

A besetting moan could be discerned; an unforgiving maelstrom ensued.

Any remaining birds were struck flightless, dumb-beaked, turned into paper, as Welkin shrieked.

She was an angry breeze of augury:

And her sibylline forecast?

Beware of artless kings, desperate wolves and all those who hunger with their urban needs.

Some ideals,

Once let loose, can be aurally troubling;

Unless, pure cognizance calms and wisdom descends to swiftly conquer with emphatic zeal.


The beach of a thousand, trillion tempers became an electric field of a million pictures.

I know

That I was neither body nor mind – rather part of a time within a time – gone like lost wax.

The final third of water of time was loosed.

Immediately, eagerly, the flow began issuing forth as a river, a mighty spate,

Depositing glittered grains about as it overran.

The pages were saturated, strangely, the text became clearer.


A sentence can succinctly crease time:

Past and future at once become connected along the fold, colouring a dwindling present with much insight.

Page 1

The diary of undivulged contemplations

Spoke of an antediluvian epoch – cloak unpegged and dagger drawn.

The vault was unlocked and emerald moths unleashed to devour the cape of purple velvet.


This was a theatre too far.

The wall of water of time bifurcated.

Spray akin a fist, kissed and penetrated:

Unearthly depths were met; polarity had befallen.

The negative opposite to calmness is the darkness of the deep well.

One’s eye must attend every step when it’s a fearful footslog through the fret.

Plummeting to those depths would leave any man learnt of the cruelty of hands – cold and bony hands.

Shadowy fingers pierce skin and inch awkwardly in.

Nothing is ever heeded; always behindhand.

Then, the incorrigible realization:

The chaotic black sun, unrecognizable with many facades, had already suffused!

With Gnosis of Heart – from posterior punctured.

Recognized was a forth eye.

The lens made everything appear upside-down at first, but I soon resolved to love it.

Especially when, the beam commanded the waters to coagulate into a new sun – a kind, golden-giving sun.

A new reign dawned in the thick of a grateful macrocosm – uniting inner and outer realms –

Sleep had become wake.

Know now

That a monolith is a thaumaturge.

Palm pressed against phlegmatic stone, I saw the number –


Page 2

Three drifting mouths became goodness and badness.

I stepped back, aghast; harbouring no hunger to be rendered effeminate or tinctured with odium.

The largest mouth, spoke now – in riddles.

"Bodies lie in Elysian Fields, amidst efflorescent scenes, to pullulate trees, fostered from the remnants of fleshy chests.

Viridescent youth embroiled in thorny stems of crimson roses.

Roots and tubers are the intestines and organs of the Earth.

Humanity’s tabernacle is dehumanization.

The Blood-Globe knows the mind as a twofold sphere.

Would you recognize a Super-Human countenance?"

Then, this open mouth,

Florid lips against empyrean blue – howled!


A bloodied Human baby fell out from within.

Down: darkness decisively demolished daylight.

Amongst an explosion of blood and petals –

I felt awestruck.

As Above, So Below: and the baby landed.

It was hermaphroditic at first.

The mouth did close and bite away the cord of the umbilicus.

It fell down to earth, coiled, and rose back as a snake to ward off all wrong-doers.

Now protected greatly

After threescore minutes, clarity of time distorted,

The baby graduated into a man – a miraculous Demiurge.

Page 3

Sunrise exposed the nakedness of the grassless plain.

On it stood this One thing: a bare male Human creature.

He was flawless in every physical and metaphysical attribute, except he had not a face.

He far ascended the trees in the valley of the Yews.

He was mightier than wood and enlightened with meta-memories from the land of before.

A life-giving force, delivering energies unto the Earth, that mighty mouth was closed and silent now.

The faceless Human creature seemed unaware of my presence.

Without warning,

The mouths evolved into wormholes and thrashed about;

Anything in their path was drawn in.

The air around my presence began to tear apart.

Transported through chaos,

I dematerialized and rematerialized.

I emerged in a tangerine landscape.

A vast auburn forest began to grow, briskly, brashly knocking through red rock with morphogenetic fervour.

Through ever ensanguining ether,

The asteroid Wormwood appeared.

It was destined to deliver and destroy

And to make poison of the waters.

It was not unlike an anti-moon in its suicidal caprice.

Fire now raged one and one score feet away from where I stood.

Quickly, quietly, all wood fell flat.

Forest was over.

Rock cracked.

Page 4


Through the second wormhole,

I recognized the pulchritudinous visage of the formerly faceless Super-Human being.

That he may slough his skin in order to quell all disquiet once and for all time was a kindness profound.

But this now, is what he did.

The Sun had indeed smiled upon her dearest child.

The child’s favourite toy serenely passed through the twelvefold zodiac over the next one score and eight days.

It reflected the Sun’s joy onto the dark side of her child’s life.

* * * *

For the first time since this odyssey began,

I felt stomach-writhing dread.

What shall become of me?

The ash whispered:

"Unplug courage from the mind of logic."

But that was surely in reference to the tentative time – before the Heavenly Body.


Could rumination reveal the reverse?

A dyadic of smoke-grey lungs appeared out’ erubescent mists – waxing and waning.

The vessel was called The Lamb .

She was scintillant as she hung in her stuporous state.

The mesial trachea, hollow, tubular, was a quasi-electronic screen – it represented earth’s history.

I could read halcyon scenes flickering along its length as I gazed.

Page 5

Embedded within the right Sacristy was the Rectangular Screen of Multitudinous Lost Authors .

This showed intermittent white noise and a hitherto collectanea of investigative thought.

The left Sacristy now spawned alveolar sacs which rained and exploded upon impact with the soil.


From this place of rich loam, pulmonaria rose – blossom blue as before.

A brace of pyramids,

Formed of Encephalon, strode around now, upon their newly evolved legs.

A colossal floating Cerebellum meticulously coordinated their activities.


Out’ sheer caterwaul whorled Aesculus.

Roots at liberty castigated Plasma, desperate to gain their parasitic grip through fatty globules.

Winding swiftly upwards, inertia took this forming giant towards her maturity.

She flourished.

She now harnessed Hippocastanum all over.

Hippocastanum fell from her form and rained into the Ocean of Ichor evolving into Hippocampus.

Destiny dissolved; the tree now withered.

Thus Aesculus concluded.

Hippocampus developed much strength and soon crawled out from the vital fluids of ancestry.

But all of this, I soon realized, was an illusory heterotopia.

Page 6

I looked back up to the ship.

On the screen, I could now see an image depicting multitudes of peoples –

They were walking into fire and screaming.

Conditions were different now.

All around me things were putrefying.

I began transubstantiating into Blood;

Then Water, then Earth, then Fire, then Smoke, then Air and finally Space –

Blackness to the Eye is but lightness upon the Soul.


I am

Gone like lost wax.

I am

Nothing but a mouth, florid lips against an inky black expanse.

I am

Struggling to be heard amidst a cacophony of lost footsteps.


Page 7


Christian David Barry. Copyright - All Rights Reserved