Born in Birmingham, UK, in 1981, Christian David Barry studied Fine Art at the Birmingham School of Art (BCU),  achieving a first class honours degree. Christian has always fostered a great interest in the arts, nature and life.

'From an early age my senses have been heightened to the world around me. I have always had a profound relationship with colour and a fascination for light. Like many creative individuals, I possess an ability to see things that exist beneath the surface layer of life.'

'It was important for me to initially study in the city of my birth, the place where I have grown up. Art is very special to me. I believe that, like nature, art is profound and omnipresent, a universal language understandable on many levels; the spirit of creativity is free and accessible to everyone. For me, art comes from within first and foremost, from the unconscious drive to create — we all have this. I am much like a marionette whose strings turn inward, in the sense that I remain open to my unconscious as it performs, akin to a hidden puppeteer whose guidance I follow as step by step, work unravels from hidden depths. The inspiration for my art comes from all aspects of my life experience including memories and dreams as well as observations of nature and its intricacies.'

Christian Barry also garners much motivation from the fields of drawing and painting, often incorporating painterly traditions and techniques into his output. Christian explores different genres of photography; however he is a multi-disciplinary artist also producing sculpture, creating land art and developing large-scale, studio based installation work. Christian believes that ideas are infinite.

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