The Chair (2012 - 2014)

The Chair has undergone many changes throughout its existence.

It began as a plastic and metal 'under-skeleton' covered with layers of cardboard. Then, that surface was covered with some fabric and a thin wash of household emulsion paint and included in an installation project.

The Chair's story then evolved, taking a more homo-erotic direction. I covered it with much more patterned fabric, as well as some found pornographic imagery, and washed it over with household emulsion paint. I then went on to completely saturate it in resin in order to give it a wet, almost sweaty appearance. I added some red glass-wax to the base of The Chair simulating a seepage of blood. Furthermore, I accessorized it with discarded condoms to give it a 'filthy', untouchable, undesirable aesthetic.

Finally, The Chair gradually underwent a further, dramatic transformation, back to a more 'comfortable', homely and upholstered look.

The Chair, by Christian David Barry ©2012 - 2014.

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